Weasel Words In Education Part 3: “Monitor” and “Track”

Monitor (v.) and Track (v.). Examples: “What system have you in place to monitor departmental results?” or “What are you doing to track the progress of underachievers in Y10?”

Meaning: set up a colour coded Excel spreadsheet. (Usually traffic light influenced e.g. red for danger etc).

Each of these should be an entirely bespoke document — you wouldn’t want departments or schools to actually share a common format, would you?

Some teachers actually use conditional formatting formulas to get the cells to change colour automatically; however, a typical SLT member generally does not care about this provided: (a) there are lots of colours; and (b) there are lots of numbers and letters (or “data” in quotation marks — generally, just randomly generated* numbers and letters will do.)

* Just make sure that the randomly generated numbers display a slight upward drift (or “progress over time”) for a quiet life…

2 thoughts on “Weasel Words In Education Part 3: “Monitor” and “Track”

  1. Ian Stock November 8, 2013 / 8:11 pm

    Interesting that you should be talking about weasel words – so am I, as I know you’ve seen. So many of them to cover…

    • e=mc2andallthat November 8, 2013 / 9:11 pm

      “Many hands make light work” or so they say…although it may take some time to clean up the veritable Augean stable of weasel words in modern education! More power to your blogging elbow, Sir!

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